When its time to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen countertops, why not think outside the box? Most customers only know about stone and synthetic countertop options, but glass countertops make for an excellent alternative. At Stonesmiths Inc., we are experts at custom countertop installations. For a lighter, dramatic, and equally durable alternative to granite, quartz, or marble, consider the benefits of glass.

Glass Countertop


The idea of a glass countertop seems almost funny to some folks. There is a common misconception that glass is fragile or difficult to maintain, but that is far from the truth. Glass countertops are equally as durable as their stone counterparts. They are heat-, scratch-, and stain-resistant and are non-porous, making them very hygienic. Glass is also easy to clean: a simple wipe-down with a wet cloth or non-abrasive cleaner will do the trick for most jobs.

Endless Options

Another benefit of glass is its versatility. Every glass countertop is custom designed to our customer’s specifications, so it can create a very specific look. Glass can be opaque, translucent, marbled, or colored. Additionally, glass can be laminated to create speckled and painted finishes, and it can even be back-lit. Truly, the options are endless when it comes to glass countertops.

Aesthetically Appealing

Don’t get us wrong, we love granite and quartz, but stone certainly has a colder feel to it. Alternatively, glass countertops create a lighter, brighter feeling. Glass countertops can be seamless if so desired, and the edges can be beveled, curved, contoured, or squared off. Whether you are using glass as a focal point or as an accent piece in your kitchen or bathroom, it is always bright, airy, and elegant.

Installing the Best Glass Around

At Stonesmiths, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship. Our team will help you find the best product for your new countertops to ensure you are completely satisfied with the result. For a free quote on glass, quartz, granite, marble, or recycled stone countertops in the Indianapolis area, contact us today at (317) 770-1333 and discover the Stonesmiths difference.




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