Granite, granite, granite… It seems that’s all you hear when you turn on the TV and flip to a home-improvement channel. However, what many homeowners (or homebuyers) don’t realize is that marble is also a great option for bathroom countertops, flooring, and more!


You just can’t duplicate the elegant and sleek look of marble. Many homeowners choose marble not only for its design appeal but also for the many varieties from which to choose. No two slabs of marble are alike, which means your bathroom can have that custom design you’ve been wanting.

The stone experts at Stonesmiths, Inc. recommend marble as a stone option in bathrooms due to its resistance to water and ability to last. This stone product is great for

  • Bathroom countertops
  • Custom showers
  • Flooring
  • Wall accents
  • And more

At Stonesmiths, Inc. of Indianapolis, we understand marble. We don’t expect you to take a tiny four-inch sample home and be able to visualize the beauty marble can add to your bathroom. Instead, we recommend that you come to our Noblesville location and check out the large pieces of marble we have in stock. No two pieces are alike, and we want to make sure you get the right one. From there, we will cut your custom marble countertop, tile flooring, or other bathroom feature to custom fit your space.

You can’t find the same quality of marble or customer service anywhere in Indianapolis. Come on over to our store to see for yourself. While you’re there, you can also feel free to browse our quartz, recycled stone, and (yes) granite stone products.

The team at Stonesmiths, Inc. takes pride in our stone products and the home projects we complete for Indy residents. Each home project we do is unique, making what we do more like art than home improvement. To find out more about Stonesmiths, Inc. or to get a quote on marble, contact us today at (317) 770-1333.

photo credit: via photopin (license)

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