Because of its beauty and durability, granite is one of the most popular countertop materials in the world. Unfortunately, these qualities come at a high price for the planet and the customer. To remedy this problem, the team at Stonesmiths Inc. offers recycled granite tiles and granite remnants. This process allows us to minimize waste and offer affordable, quality materials to budget-conscious customers.

Recycled Granite Tiles

What Is Recycled Granite

We fabricate every countertop from a hand-selected granite slab. After we cut the countertop from this slab, we are inevitably left with some waste. Until recent years, we were forced to simply dispose of this waste. Now, however, we are able to recycle leftover granite into tiles and remnants. This process eliminates waste and increases the usefulness of each piece of granite.

Uses for Recycled Granite

Recycled granite comes in two forms: tiles and remnants. Remnants are larger than tiles and are typically used to create small vanity tops, custom furniture, window sills, shower ledges, etc. When remnants are too small to be used for these kinds of projects, we cut them into tiles. Tiles are used to create split stone backsplashes, fire pits, flooring, and more.

Benefits of Recycled Granite

The primary benefit of recycled granite is the price. Remnants are almost always less expensive than full slabs. Additionally, we view any opportunity to recycle as a major benefit; recycling remnants into tiles has literally prevented millions of pounds of granite from going to the landfill over the last ten years. Furthermore, granite tiles are stronger than concrete, fade-resistant, and colorfast. 

Professional Service, Excellent Results

Stonesmiths proudly provides the Indianapolis area with quality, hand-fabricated stone materials. In addition to granite remnants and tiles, we also fabricate surfaces from marble, quartz, and glass. To get a quote for countertops or another stone surface, contact us at (317) 770-1333.

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