At Stonesmiths Inc., we understand high-quality stone. From granite to marble to quartz and more, customers benefit from our skilled fabrication and installation of these high-grade materials. Once installed, customers often ask about how to effectively clean and protect their investment. Consequently, please enjoy these pro tips we’ve put together to care for and maintain your granite countertops. This should help your countertops to look polished and clean, in addition to standing the test of time.

Pro Tips for the Care and Maintenance of Granite Countertops

Cleaning Tips for Granite Countertops

1. Immediately clean acidic substances that cause stains and pitting. Coffee, wine, soda pop, fruit, and tomato juice are the worst offenders. Spills will happen. Just be sure to wipe them up immediately, as they do more damage the longer they sit.

2. Use the right cleaning solutions. General household cleaners contain chemicals, such as acid, that do more harm than good to granite. They may degrade the sealer and expose the granite, making it prone to stains and further degradation. Next, you may think using natural cleaners, such as vinegar and ammonia will work. However, they also eat away at the sealer because of their acidity. Dish soap, while not harsh on granite countertops, accumulates over time, causing build-up.

3. Use soft fabrics, cloths, and sponges with hot water. For everyday cleaning, take a soft microfiber cloth, sponge, or something similar, moisten it with hot water, and use it to clean up spills, wipe away crumbs, and keep granite countertops clean. When needed, use a cleaner specially formulated for granite and natural stone. 

Maintenance Tips for Granite Countertops

1. Protect your granite with coasters and hot pads. This tip is essential with marble. While granite is harder than marble and less prone to etches and scratches, using these items as an extra layer of protection is good practice. 

2. Place liquids in storage containers or on decorative plates. Dishwashing liquid, handsoap, cooking oil, and other products left on the counter sometimes leak. Over time, the liquid can either create build-up or damage the sealer. Moreover, some can cause staining. On darker granite countertops, stains don’t stand out as much. However, lighter granite shows stains more easily.

3. Be mindful of heavy items. Granite is stone, and as such, it’s obviously hard. At the same time, it doesn’t have much give. Therefore, standing on top of a counter or placing hefty items can cause it to crack or break. 

When You Have an Upcoming Stone Project

Stone products offer quality, durability, and visual appeal. Whether you’re planning on renovating a bathroom or kitchen, or constructing a new, outdoor living space, Stonesmiths can help. Our process ensures your visions are brought to life. If you live in Carmel, Westfield, or Fishers, IN, or nearby, give us a call at (317) 770-1333 to talk to one of our professionals and find out what we can do for you!


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