Installing new kitchen countertops is exciting, but can also be a little daunting. You want to feel confident that your counters are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and finished to your taste. Fortunately, when you hire Stonesmiths Inc., you can rest assured that you will receive the countertops of your dreams. We involve our clients throughout the fabrication and design process to achieve the exact look and feel they desire.

Custom Kitchen Countertop Design and Fabrication

1. Measurements

The first step in designing custom countertops begins with taking a few measurements. Simply measure the length and width of each area where you plan to install new counters, and send them to our design team.

2. Design Consultation

Then, you can either schedule a design consultation or stop by our showroom in Noblesville to begin the design process. We can also provide in-home consultation, if needed.

3. Countertop Material Selection

Selecting the right countertop material is crucial to feeling satisfied with your countertops. Our design specialists will help you hand-select the actual stone that will be used for your project. Each piece of granite, marble, and quartz has its own unique patterns, veins, and color, so it is critical that you find the perfect piece to match the style of your kitchen.

4. Laser Template

Next, a member of our team will use state-of-the-art laser template equipment to create a pattern that guarantees your new countertops will fit properly. Laser templates are extremely precise and can be used with your current counters still in place.

5. Slab Layouts

Just as every slab of stone is unique, each slab also has a lot of variation within it. Therefore, we ask our clients to visit the fabrication shop to select which areas of the slab they want to use for their project. We will create a clear plastic template that matches your countertop layout and have you place it on the slab in exactly the way you want it cut. 

6. Fabrication and Installation

Lastly, we will fabricate your countertops! We finish every piece by hand to receive top quality results. Then, our professional crew will schedule delivery and installation – and you can enjoy your new countertops!

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you are in the market for new kitchen countertops, Stonesmiths is the place to go! We take care to meet all of your budget, style, and design preferences so you will be completely satisfied with the end result. For a free consultation, contact us today at (317) 770-1333.

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