Natural stone counters complement all kinds of bathroom design schemes. Whether you prefer dark granite, white marble, or a solid quartz countertop, the fabricators at Stonesmiths Inc. can create it. For help choosing the right material for your bathroom countertop, contact our Noblesville office today.

Bathroom Countertop

Natural Stone Is the Superior Choice

Natural stone products are the superior choice for bathroom countertops for a variety of reasons. Primarily, natural stone countertops are beautiful and unique. Similarly, because natural stone comes in such a wide array of colors and patterns, it fits well with any design scheme. Furthermore, the durability of stone makes it a worthwhile investment; if properly cared for, a stone counter will last a lifetime!

Selecting the Right Material

Each type of natural stone has its own unique qualities. Selecting the right material is just as important as choosing the right color and pattern.

1. Marble

Marble is making a comeback in 2021. Because it is a metamorphic stone, marble is heavily veined and comes in an unlimited number of colors. Marble is one of the more expensive stone countertop materials, but is unparalleled in elegance and beauty. While marble is a relatively hard stone, it is also porous. Thus, marble countertops should be sealed every one to two years to prevent staining and surface damage. 

2. Granite

For homeowners looking for a slightly more durable countertop material, granite is a popular choice. Many homeowners prefer granite because it is widely available, comes in a large variety of colors and patterns, and is less expensive than marble. Furthermore, granite is easy to clean, water-resistant, and tough. These countertops look beautiful even after years of use.

3. Quartz

Though quartz is a manufactured material, it creates beautiful, durable, low-maintenance countertops that are hard to resist. Quartz slabs are engineered in a factory and fused together with resin binders under intense pressure and heat. This process makes quartz counters non-porous and resistant to scratches and stains. Homeowners love the durability of quartz as well as its appearance: because it is manufactured, the coloration of quartz tends to be more uniform than with natural stone.

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The team at Stonesmiths has years of experience designing and installing natural stone bathroom countertops. For a quote on bathroom vanities, backsplashes, sinks, and more, contact us today at (317) 770-1333. We proudly serve the Indianapolis area, including Westfield, Carmel, Fishers, and beyond.


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