The kitchen is the natural gathering place in the home. Installing natural stone countertops will make your kitchen a more attractive and functional gathering place that your loved ones won’t be able to resist! Allow our team at Stonesmiths Inc. to craft the perfect countertop for your decor, budget, and style. 

Natural Stone Countertops

Why Natural Stone for Kitchen Countertops?

While there are plenty of synthetic options available, it is hard to beat the durability and aesthetic appeal of natural stone. Of all the countertop materials available to consumers, stone is the gold standard for both durability and character. This is one area you simply don’t want to skimp on.

1. Attractive and Unique

Every stone countertop is unique because it is quarried from a unique piece of rock from a specific location in the world. Every rock has its own mineral color, veining, and speckles that simply cannot be replicated in a lab. At Stonesmiths, we carry a large variety of stone slabs so you can find the perfect piece to custom-craft your countertops. 

2. Durability

Natural stone is quarried from deep in the earth and is typically a durable material. Natural stone requires little maintenance, is impervious to water and heat, and is resistant to stains if properly sealed.  With minimal maintenance, your natural stone countertops easily will last as long as your home. But, if the worst happens and your countertop does chip, scratch, or stain, a stone restorer will be able to polish your countertops back to life in no time!

3. Value Boosting

Quality countertops add a distinctive, elegant feel to your kitchen that potential buyers can’t resist. And because of its durability, a stone countertop will boost the value of your kitchen even more so than new appliances, flooring, or windows. Investing in stone countertops truly is an investment with great rewards!

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At Stonesmiths, we have been installing quality, custom countertops in Indianapolis homes since 2006. Customer service is our top priority, and we ensure that you are involved and satisfied throughout the entire design process. Whether you are looking to install beautiful granite, marble, glass, quartzite, or onyx countertops in your kitchen or bathroom, we promise that you’ll be satisfied. Contact us at (317) 770-1333 for a free quote on your residential or commercial kitchen countertops today.

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