There is more to a kitchen countertop than choosing the right material. In fact, at Stonesmiths Inc., we find that choosing the right countertop edge is just as important as selecting the right slab of granite, quartz, or marble. Need some help choosing the right edge design for your countertop? Keep reading.

Granite Countertop Edge

Popular Edge Designs

At Stonesmiths, we pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and attention to detail. As such, we can create a wide variety of countertop edges to meet your budget and style needs. Whether you want something classic and understated or bold and eye-catching, we can make it happen.

1. Square Edge

Squared edges are popular because of their clean, simple design. We offer two variations of the squared edge that are included with the price of the material: the eased edge and the pencil edge. Both of these options subtly soften the top edge of the countertop.

2. Beveled

Beveled edges offer a slightly more dramatic look than eased or pencil edges. Essentially, to create a bevel, we cut the top corner at a 45-degree angle. We offer 1/4″ and 1/2″ bevels in addition to our more pronounced hearth bevel.

3. Bullnose

If you prefer a soft, rounded edge, the bullnose is a great choice. This style of edging creates a feeling of warmth and is a practical option for use around young children as there are no sharp corners. We offer three bullnose options:

  • Full Bullnose – both the top and bottom edges are rounded
  • Half Bullnose – only the top corner is rounded
  • Demi-bullnose – the edge is curved in a long arc with a squared bottom

4. Premium Edges

We also offer a variety of premium edges. These options offer a distinct, artistic appeal. If you want to make a statement with your countertop edges, choose from these options and more:

  • Ogee – this cut incorporates two sweeping curves to form an “S”-shape. 
  • Waterfall – the edge incorporates multiple rounded curves to create a cascading look. This is appropriate for extra thick countertops.
  • DuPont – a sharp, straight drop flows into a bullnose curve. 
  • Cove – this edge has a bowl-shaped recess at the top edge.
  • Chiseled – this cut resembles rough, natural stone. Multiple options available.

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For more information on countertop materials and edges, contact Stonesmiths today at (317) 770-1333. Our design consultant will help you design the perfect countertop for your home. We proudly serve the entire Indianapolis area, including Carmel, Westfield, and Fishers

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