2018 is over halfway over, and that outdated Indianapolis bathroom may be calling out for a change in design. Stonesmiths, Inc. has stayed on top of the current trends so we can help you stay on top of updating your bathroom. Here are our design recommendations for a 2018 bathroom remodel.

2018 Design Trends Stonesmiths Inc and Bathroom Countertops

Black and White All the Way

Black and white have always been classic colors, and they stand the test of time. Some people tend to shy away from black, particularly in smaller areas of the home because dark colors can make a space seem smaller, but when you contrast black and white, it gives the opposite effect. White feels clean and open, while black balances the room well. Try a black and white Quartz countertop to set off the tone of the space.

Natural Products Are In

People love the outdoors, and for good reason. With more research out there on how nature can decrease anxiety and increase health, people are choosing to bring the natural world into their homes. Add some greenery to your bathroom, or use eco-friendly recycled stone for a backsplash in the space. You won’t have to sacrifice style for going green. 

Add a Pop of Color

Although people love their greys, blacks, and whites, the trend is to add a pop of color to the room. Whether the color is on the countertop, tile, wall, or towels, choose one place for the color to stand out and be confident in your decision. One pop of color adds dimension to the room, and it’s an easy way to share your personality in one of the most-used rooms of the house.

If you are ready to remodel your bathroom, contact the experts at Stonesmiths, Inc. online, or call (317) 770-1333. Our team members will work with your budget, style, and needs to help you design the perfect stone surfaces for your bathroom project. 

Photo Credit: Emily Henderson

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